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Square bangle 3,5 mm | Exclusive Silver


€ 195

This is our Achilleus square silver bangle. In ancient times we believe people used jewelry as much as we do today if not more. We feel the silver bangle itself with the simplicity in shape and choice of material is beautiful and graceful.

So, to honour an anciant hero, the Demigod Achilleus from Thessaly Greece, we named this handmade piece after him. He’s described as a person who moved and fought in a godlike manner.

If you haven’t read Homer’s two most famous books the Iliad and its sequel the Odyssey, we strongly recommend you to do so. The Iliad is described to be the world’s greatest war story, and ‘The Odyssey’ the literature’s greatest evocation of every man’s journey through life.

This is where we got our inspiration on this piece of jewelry. The bracelet is handmade in 925 Silver and its measurements are 3.5×3.5mm in periphery and 180mm in length. It is adjustable and bendable to fit several sizes, so this bracelet is a one size piece. On the inside you will find the Noble & Creed engraving as well as the 925 silver stamp.


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