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Bracelet 6 mm | Silver clasp


€ 85

The stones in the Senegal bracelet have a mixture of colors, mostly green in grades but also a mix of various base colors. Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. This gemstone was among the first gems to be mined, and while many historic sites have been depleted, some are still worked to this day.

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and about 45 percent of the country is forested. This is what inspired us to name this African gemstone Dakar, to honor their struggle to keep the “Great Green Wall” of trees to slow the encroaching Sahara desert.

All the details, including the handmade bead and the details around the clasp are made of solid 925 sterling silver. The wire we use is a Japanese state of the art twisted micro wire that is very strong, soft and flexible. It’s also nylon coated for best durability.

These elegant stones may vary in color and patterns since they are all natural materials and each stone is unique.

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