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Bracelet 6 mm | Stretch cord


€ 85

As a natural stone and with a creamy color, this riverstone from Colorado reminds us of the sharp teeth of a Saber toothed tiger.

Due to its color it’s easy to match with any of our other bracelets. It will look great beside a watch with a brown leather strap, or just by itself.

This handmade bead is made of solid 925 sterling silver. We use one of the world’s best elastomer jewelry cords. It’s elegant in appearance, clear and opaque. It’s strong, durable and it has great elasticity and resiliency, it stretches like elastic making your jewelry easy to wear and remove. It’s made out of a unique high-tech polymer that makes it tough and will not crack or harden over time.

These elegant stones may vary in color and patterns since they are all natural materials and each stone is unique.

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